An American National Day not to be missed!


National Lighthouse Day 2016

Historical recap: Annually celebrated on August 7 in the United States, National Lighthouse Day celebrates the importance of lighthouses in maritime navigation. The US Congress designated National Lighthouse Dayon August 7, and it was first celebrated in 1989 marking the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Lighthouse Act. This year it will be celebrated again, for the 27th time. Read more >>


The legend of the Alexandria Lighthouse



Usually we focus on actually existing lighthouses, but in this case we like to make an exception and discuss a lighthouse that has been lost many centuries ago: the Alexandrian Lighthouse. This forelorn beacon remains on the list of the most intriguing structures of the Ancient World and will appeal to all you lighthouse fans out there.  Read more >>


Fire Island’s cultural treasure alive and well


Fire Island Lighthouse light


When most of us think about lighthouses, we envision a bright light that guides mariners home. That is not all the lighthouses around the nation do. Many of them are places of rich historical significance and some even environmental treasures. Fire Island’s Lighthouse is as much a treasure due to its functionality, as it is to its preservation of the wildlife that calls it home. Read more >>


Fairport Lighthouse Museum celabrates naval history


Fairport Lighthouse Museum


There was a time when a lighthouse was the center of life for the individuals who resided in its wake. Things have not changed much over time. The Fairport Lighthouse Museum on the shore of Lake Erie is continuing not only to show proceeding generations what life used to be like, but it is also uniting the community the way it always has. Read more>>


Tribute to the Chesapeake Chapter lighthouse fans


Chesapeake Lighthouse


Surrounded by the most spectacular lighthouses found around America, Chesapeake Chapter is an organization whose mission is to restore the many architectural wonders for proceeding generations to witness and explore. Their aim is to preserve maritime history for all to appreciate. Read more>>


St. George Island revisited 10 years after she collapsed


St. George Lighthouse


Saving the St George Lighthouse is an example of the power of a great cooperation between government and volunteers. This light can be found at in St. George Island, Florida, although it literally washed into the sea ten years ago when it collapsed into the Gulf of Mexico on Friday October 21, 2005. Read more>>


Beavertail Lighthouse Museum offers over 250 years of lighthouse history


Beavertail Lighthouse foundation


As a lighthouse enthusiast you should have seen the Beavertail Lighthouse at least once in your life. This beacon is the third-oldest lighthouse in the US and has a great museum where you can find over 250 years of history about this unique spot. Read more >>


Help saving this Nova Scotia lighthouse


Nova Scotia lighthouse


It is possible that one of the greatest historic marine landmarks may be on its way to extinction. This magnificent lighthouse, after 125 years in the Atlantic, is being held up in political purgatory. Read more>> 


Florida Lighthouse Association takes care of the beacons


Florida Lighthouse Association


Surrounded by the sea and in the middle of many trade routes, Florida always has been of vital importance to tradesmen. The lighthouses along the shores have therefore been of at least the same importance. Now that they are getting more and more obsolete due to modern navigation systems the Florida Lighthouse Association takes care of the beacons. Read more>>


A lighthouse in Croatia to fulfill your dreams


Lighthouse Porer Croatia


Have you ever dreamed of your own private island to live? Well, you may not be able to buy one, but that doesn't mean that you can't visit one for a spectacular getaway. Read more>> 


Ashtabula lighthouse still brings the weary home


Ashtabula lighthouse


Most lighthouses are located along salty shores, but let's not forget the beacons on the great lakes. A beautiful example is the Ashtabula lighthouse on Erie Lake. And after almost 150 years it's still bringing the weary home. Read more>>


9 Reasons why you should sleep in a lighthouse


Rent a lighthouse


There’s a good chance that you have never thought about renting a lighthouse before. But now that you have come this far, we will give you some reasons why it’s a brilliant idea to sleep in a lighthouse! Read more >>


This is possibly the loneliest hotel in the world



Lighthouse Rotersand


Some lighthouses are straigthout iconic. One of these stunning buildings is the Roter Sand, a massive red and white tower that is located pretty much in the middle of the Northsea. And you can help preserve this unique lighthouse - simply by sleeping at it. Read more >>


First global lighthouse rental platform launched


Sleep in a lighthouse


After the success of the Amsterdam Based company Exceptional Holidays have launched a brand new rental platform: "We see a bright future for lighthouse rentals around the world." Read more >>