Fire Island Lighthouse, a home for wildlife and culture

Fire Island’s cultural treasure alive and well

When most of us think about lighthouses, we envision a bright light that guides mariners home. That is not all the lighthouses around the world do. Many of them are places of rich historical significance and some even environmental treasures. Fire Island’s Lighthouse on the west end of Fire Island, New York, is as much a treasure due to its functionality, as it is to its preservation of the wildlife that calls it home.

The Keeper’s Quarters houses someone who does more than shine a light. Working hard, they keep the lighthouse in excellent shape and the animals call it home in just as good of a shape.

Fire Island Lighthouse seen from the sky

You have to climb 182 steps, but it's worth the effort! (photo: Fire Island Lighthouse) 

Majestic view over the ocean

The tower is comprised of 182 steps that lead to one of the most beautiful scenic outlooks in the world. Not only are you privy to the majesty of the ocean around, if you look just ahead, you also get a vision of the New York Skyline. The lighthouse itself has been turned into a museum where you can gain a historical perspective of what it was like hundreds of years ago.

Fire Island Lighthouse light

Bring your family and experience an amazing piece of history, interesting for all generations. (photo: Fire Island Lighthouse) 

Great family destination 

Housing the first Order Fresnel Lens ever in existence, the tower itself dates back to 1858. Surrounding the tower is the outdated, yet cool, equipment that has been used to save lives at seas for decades. If you are looking for a nice getaway, Fire Island is a great destination for the entire family. See it the way it used to be.

With most of the workers on the Island making a living on the sea at large, it is the cornerstone of culture for the inhabitants who occupy the Island. Are you interested in donating for the preservation of keeping this national treasure alive, or want to know other ways on how you can help to keep this magical building preserved for generations to come? Then go to the Fire Island Lighthouse Members page to see how you can help.

The Fire Island Lighthouse is located at the West end of Fire Island.