True 'family lighthouse'

Fairport Lighthouse Museum celabrates naval history


There was a time when a lighthouse was the center of life for the individuals who resided in its wake. Things have not changed much over time. The Fairport Lighthouse Museum on the shore of Lake Erie is continuing not only to show proceeding generations what life used to be like, but it is also uniting the community the way it always has.




An amazing structure, and one of the first of the Great Lakes Lighthouse Marine Museums in Ohio, it still stands tall for all to see. Having events for the community at large, many holiday celebrations have become tradition for the residents of Fairport and beyond.


Fairport Lighthouse Lake Erie

The Fairport Lighthouse and the museum along the shore of Lake Erie. (photo: Fairport Lighthouse Museum)


Lighthouse doubled in height


Founded in 1945, the museum has continued to teach countless citizens about the rich history of the lighthouse. A light guiding many marine-men home, it became a safe haven that brought families back together all around the Great Lakes area. The original structure was erected in 1825, standing over thirty feet high and having the amazing architectural awe of an octagon shape. A place for the keeper aside was a two story home for him to live.


Lighthouse foghorn

The original foghorn of the Fairport Lighthouse warned sailors on Lake Erie for decades; an important and impressive piece of machinery. (photo: Fairport Lighthouse Museum)


In 1871, due to deterioration of the original building, it was rebuilt and the height doubled to over sixty feet high. An observation deck was added with a steep climb of 69 steps, which gives visitors a bird’s eye perspective of the vast and expanding Great Lakes waterways.


True family beacon


Although going through many transformations over the years, the rich history has been preserved, as has the museum that exhibits maritime artifacts from yesteryear. A great time for the whole family, if you are visiting the area make sure to stop in and partake in one of the many celebrations. Not just an integral part of generations past who made a living traveling the waterways, the Fairport Lighthouse still stands today for family, community, and a safe light to guide weary travelers home.

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Light house saving vessel

Back in the days this was a state-of-the-art saving vessel. Now it's a great piece of marine history. (photo: Fairport Lighthouse Museum)


Lighthouse summary


Erected in: 1825

Location: Fairport Harbor, Lake Erie, Ohio 

Original height: 30 ft

Rebuilt after deterioration: 1871

Height after rebuilding: over 60 ft

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