Preserving maritime history

Tribute to the Chesapeake Chapter lighthouse fans


The Chesapeake Bay area is one of the most historically significant marine locales in the United States. Surrounded by the most spectacular lighthouses found around America, Chesapeake Chapter is an organization whose mission is to restore the many architectural wonders for proceeding generations to witness and explore. Their aim is to preserve maritime history for all to appreciate. Part of the U.S. Lighthouse Society, this chapter focuses on Virginia and Maryland.


Checapeake Lighthouse Volunteers

The Chesapeake Chapter volunteers in front of the astonishing Chesapeake lighthouse. (photo:


Lighthouse events galore


There are an abundance of volunteer opportunities for those both in and outside of the Chesapeake Bay area. You can lend your time, or your finances, to help them achieve their very ambitious goals. Working with local authorities, the public and other private organizations, it is an extensive operation that fosters the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay area. Among the many things they offer are cruises and visits where you can see amazing structures just the way they appeared for decades in the past. Events galore to participate in, plan a trip to be a part of the lighthouse fever.


Cheslights Lighthouse Workday

The Workdays of the Chesapleake Chapter are a hands-on celebration of lighthouse preservation! (Photo:


All help is welcome


By simply becoming a member, you are furthering their cause. Opportunities are only afforded to those who join, but it is well worth the minimal cost. From helping in the restoration process to festivals, there is something for everyone to get excited about. If you have a special talent, or just a little extra time to help, your efforts will forever be remembered by generations to come. Who can stand in the glory of these amazing buildings. Preservation and restoration are not a one-time thing. Keeping these lighthouses sound and operational is an ongoing expense. Luckily its preservation is being taken care of by many people like the Chesapeake Chapter lighthouse fans who understand how valuable they are! For more information about how you can help or how to become a member go to