Discover the third-oldest US lighthouse

Beavertail Lighthouse Museumover offers 250 years of shining history


For those who are looking to visit one of America’s greatest historical treasures, look no further than the Beavertail Lighthouse Museum. The third-oldest lighthouse in the United States, it is seeping in rich history and amazingly beautiful scenery. Located in Rhode Island, it resides on Jamestown's Southern tip.


Not just a lighthouse, it houses a maritime museum. There is a story to tell about all the weary Marine men finding their way home through rough conditions, sometimes in the dead of night, guided by the light of this awe-inspiring structure. It is part of Narragansett Bay’s most intriguing past, and something spectacular to behold.


Beavertail Lighthouse inspires painters

The third-oldest lighthouse inspires painters from all over the country. (photo:Varoujan Karentz / Beavertail Lighthouse Museum)


Oldest remains over 250 years old

Built in 1898, it not only guided fishermen home, it housed a foghorn that could be heard for miles. The whole structure houses not just the lighthouse, but the residence of the lighthouse keeper, which together is known as the Beavertail Light Station. Unfortunately, in 1938, some of the structure was destroyed by a hurricane. To the delight of those who were on a mission to restore it, however, there were remains found from the original stone foundation dating back to 1749. Over the years, this lighthouse has gone through many restoration attempts and renovations. Building from those findings are the basis of what you will find in the museum that shows all the phases that this antique building has endured, and how it has stood the test of time.


Beavertail Lighthouse foundation

The Beavertail lighthouse stands on a foundation that dates from 1749. (photo: Amanda Monroe / Beavertail Lighthouse Museum)


Science, culture and technology

Not only pinpointing the amazement of the lighthouse itself, but there are also exhibits on the surrounding area’s maritime science, culture, technology, and art. It is a great place to immerse yourself in the way that America’s waterway system supported and helped this great nation become what it is today. For the best of the past combined with the awe-inspiring scenery Narragansett Bay, don’t let this spectacular destination pass you by.


Lighthouse summary

Name: Beavertail Lighthouse

Erected in: 1898

Oldest remains foundation: 1749

Partly destroyed by hurricane in: 1938

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