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Florida Lighthouse Association takes care of the beacons

Surrounded by the sea and in the middle of many trade routes, Florida has always been of vital importance to tradesmen. The lighthouses along its coastline have therefore been of at least the same great importance. Now that they are getting more and more obsolete due to modern navigation systems, the Florida Lighthouse Association takes care of these beacons. And you can help, read on!

For centuries the United States is known for its commerce and wealth. Florida, being surrounded by sea, is therefor one of the biggest fishing and importing/exporting states of the US. Throughout centuries, its many lighthouses have allowed those who work at sea the comfort of finding strength and their way home.

Florida Lighthouse Association

The website of the Florida Lighthouse Association offers a great overview of their work, and how you can support them.

Great historical value

These lighthouses are not only a part of our history, but also a maritime symbol of amazing architecture. Each having their own place along the coast, around the population they helped to grow. They are also beautiful to look at. Dating as far back as the 1800s, they were a crucial reason that the United States grew to prominence.

Save these beacons for the future

Sadly, the salty sea has not been so kind to these structures. Most of them are in ill repair with years of insult to their core. In need of some major upgrades and restoration, we are on a mission to save them for future generations. That is no small or easy feat. The cost is considerable, as is the time needed for repair. The first step in the process to sustainable preservation is to get people involved and to inform people how truly amazing these lighthouses are.

30 Remaining lighthouses

Florida has the largest coastline in the United States, second only to Alaska. While having over 1350 miles of coastline there are only 30 lighthouses that still remain. To save them, it will cost approximately $20 million dollars, which is not a small amount. The Florida Lighthouse Association is working overtime to get as many people involved as possible and to find ways to keep these lighthouses preserved.

Map Florida lighthouses 

Donate, raise and volunteer

There are many ways how you can make a big difference to preserve these lighthouses and the richness that they bring to our understanding of history. From donations, to fundraising, to volunteering, each can make a big difference in a small way. One of the ways how you can help is by ordering a Florida Lighthouse license plate bearing the symbol of these incredible iconic lighthouses. Want to help in another way? Or looking to donate? See the links below.

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