In the spotlight: Lake Erie lighthouse

The Ashtabula lighthouse still brings the weary home


Most lighthouses are located along salty shores, but let's not forget the beacons on the great lakes. A beautiful example is the Ashtabula lighthouse on Erie Lake. And after almost 150 years it's still bringing the weary home.  


There was a time when civilization did not possess sophisticated nautical equipment to tell location or to guide those at sea home. A lighthouse was the thing that summoned fishermen around the globe home, and safely returned them to their families. Many lighthouses have survived the harshness of time, but not in the best of shape. They remain not only cool places to see, but clues to our history. Sadly, many of them are being demolished, or neglected. We are on a mission to save these amazing structures and to get the word out about how amazing they truly are.


Floating beauty


The Ashtabula Lighthouse is located in Ashtabula, Ohio. Originally constructed in 1836, but there have been many additions to it over the decades. Getting upgrades and additional structures surrounding it, it is an amazing lighthouse that appears to be floating on the water. Located on Lake Erie, it has some of the most sophisticated technology of both yesteryear and today. A siren that is heard from miles around, and a light that can reach tens of miles away, on a clear night it provides an amazing site for thousands of Ohio's inhabitants.


Ashtabula Lighthouse Lake Erie

The Ashtabula lighthouse is still operational on the shore of Lake Erie. (photo: Ashtabula Lighthouse Restoration and Preservation Society)


Functional and needed lighthouse


The Ashtabula Lighthouse Restoration and Preservation Society is working behind the scenes to keep this lighthouse operational and structurally sound. A fantastic group of volunteers who appreciate this functional piece of herritage and even publish a Newsletter dedicated to this lighthouse and her history. She operated on site until 1973, it is now manned electrically by the coast guard. Not only a wonderful architectural site, it is also a highly functional and needed lighthouse for the safety of those who need to find their compass.


Help preserving this lighthouse


If you would like help to preserve the lighthouse, donations are being taken by the restoration society. Visit their website at to see how you can help. There are many ways that you can fight to save the lighthouse from fundraisers, to donations. Volunteers are always welcome to lend a hand and keep this amazing piece of history for future generations to enjoy.


Ashtabula lighthouse newsletter

The Ashtabula Lighthouse Preservation and Restauration Society Newsletter.


Lighthouse summary


What: Ashtabula Lighthouse

Where:  Lake Erie, Ashtabula, Ohio, United States (view on Google Maps)

Erected: 1836

Operated on site until: 1973

Operated from distance the coast guard: 1973 - now

Official website: