St. George Island Lighthouse almost washed into the sea...

St. George Island Lighthouse: Lost and found

Saving the St. George Lighthouse is an example of the power of a great cooperation between government and volunteers. This lighthouse can be found on St. George Island, Florida. Although it literally washed into the sea in 2005 when it collapsed on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico on Friday October 21, 2005.

The unfortunate beacon was erected in 1852 and survived over 150 years. Until she became victim of beach erosion and waves beating the shoreline on this unfortunate day in 2005.

St George Lighthouse Collapsed

In 2005 the old St. George Lighthouse collapsed into the sea. And look at her now! (photo: Debbie Hooper)

Cleaning brick by brick

Three years after this horrendous event, on December 1, 2008 the lighthouse was opened again after three years of renovation work, led by the St. George Lighthouse Association. Great work was done with state and government support and of course many volunteers who cleaned the mortar of the countless bricks so they could be piled up again.

Preserving a lighthouse means constant attention.

Preserving a lighthouse means constant attention. The windows of the lantern room were replaced in 2014. (photo: St George Lighthouse Association)

The new tower was reconstructed using as much original materials as possible. If you’re prepared to take the stairs – 92 in total – you can see the great work achieved. And if you feel like helping to preserve this lighthouse for at least another 150 years, that would also be appreciated of course!

Lighthouse summary

What: St. George Lighthouse

Where: 2 East Gulf Beach Drive, St. George Island, FL 32328

Erected: 1852

Collapsed: 2005

Re-erected: 2008

Official website:

Donate to the: S.t George Lighthouse Association