Gabarus Bay lighthouse in danger

Help saving the historic lighthouse in Nova Scotia


If you have never heard of the Lighthouse at Gabarus Bay, you are not alone. That does not mean your lack of knowledge is warranted, however. Perhaps one of the most exotic places to visit on Earth, is in great danger. Why? It is possible that one of the greatest historic marine landmarks may be on its way to extinction. This magnificent lighthouse, after 125 years in the Atlantic, is being held up in political purgatory. The decision to save it is one that has already been made. The funding is available: it is all in the hands of some political red tape.


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The lighthouse has withstood a tremendous amount of destruction since 1890. Not only has the sea air taken its toll with its caustic nature, also the cliff, which is below the lighthouse, is all washed away by the turbulent tides. On the verge of being taken down, many are rallying to preserve this historic landmark.


Nova Scotia Lighthouse


What makes this lighthouse special?


What makes this lighthouse spectacular is not only its rich history but mainly its architecture. Hexagonal in nature, this lighthouse has the distinction of a red roof that has helped many mariners find their way home. So what ís preventing the savior of this national treasure? Well, what is making the feat to save the lighthouse such a hardship are Government territorial issues. Obstacles that have nothing to do with money, such as logistics of ownership and insurance, are what is keeping this lighthouse savior close to failure.


How can you help?


The way that you can help is to visit this amazing lighthouse or at very least have the desire to. By simply making a phone call to tell officials that it is something of value that you want to have around, you can make a valiant effort to become part of the solution. Or contribute to the great work of the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society. Not having much time, the time to take action is now. So please make a simple request to figure out the legalities of this lighthouse. Otherwise it will be gone without the chance for you, or any generation following, to enjoy the history it has to tell.

This historical lighthouse can tell us so much about what it has been witness to over the past 125 years, you probably won't believe half of it! Take the time to save this amazing part of our lighthouse history now.