A private island with lighthouse just for you

A lighthouse destination to fulfill your dreams

Have you ever dreamed of your own private island to live on? Well, you may not be able to buy one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit one for a spectacular holiday getaway. The Lighthouse Island Istria in Croatia is what dreams are made of.

Check this lighthouse in Croatia!

Situated just outside the mainland, it takes only a couple of minutes to make it to shore. Feeling like you have entered into paradise, it is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list to explore.

View on the Porer Lighthouse in Croatia

Historical lighthouse rental

Built in 1833, the lighthouse ('svjetionik' in Croatian) is located only 2.5km from the shoreline town of Premantura. Located at the bottom of this spectacular lighthouse is an apartment where you can dream of leaving your world behind and being in your own private surroundings. At night, the sky is shocking, like a fireworks display full of stars you never knew existed. The sunrise and sunset are more than spectacular and give you a tranquility that you can’t find many other places on earth.

Windows of the lighthouse in Porer, Croatia

Isolated, not destitute

Just because you are isolated does not mean that you can’t have every luxury you need. The arrangement of trips to and from the mainland can be made simply by contacting Mr. Giotta. He is the captain of the charter boat that makes frequent trips for the lighthouse’s inhabitants. No shortage of things to do. It isn’t just that swimming is great, it is also among the list of the amazing things that this island has to offer. Just be cautious, even the most advanced swimmers can’t conquer some of the heavy and turbulent tides. The majestic ocean has its own mind, so keep your head up and always play it safe.

Lighthouse Croatia Porer

High end accommodations

Better than room service, if you want to have a quiet and quaint dinner on the island, Mr. Giotta is more than happy to accommodate your wishes for beverages and cuisine. You can plan to cook or have food delivered. All the modern conveniences are available for you to feel at home amidst the wild nature of the island experience. Like finding peace and quiet in the most unlikely of places, this lighthouse is one of those rare jewels that not many people know about. And you are lucky to be one of the ones who do. Like nothing else on earth, it just shouldn’t be missed!

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