9 Reasons why you should sleep in a lighthouse

9 Reasons why you should sleep in a lighthouse


There’s a good chance that you have never thought about renting a lighthouse before. But now that you have come this far, we will give you nine very good reasons why it’s a brilliant idea to sleep in a lighthouse!


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1. Lighthouses are located at great locations

Simply because of their purpose, lighthouses are located at startling locations. Often they are built along rocky coastlines with shallow waters, with spectacular waves, resulting in water crashing in the rocks. Especially when the coastline is sticking out into the sea, causing dangerous situations for ships cruising by. Also, some lighthouses are simply built on self-made islands made out of rocks. Can you imagine a more amazing location to stay?


2. Lighthouses have amazing land- and water view

A great location is one thing, but the opportunity to enjoy this scene from 20 meters or higher (the tallest lighthouse in the world is 133 meters high!) is an experience never to forget. Without an exception, lighthouses have a thrilling 360 degrees panoramic sea view and most of them also allow you to scout over the dramatic coastline.


3. Lighthouses are a symbol of hope and light

Lighthouses have always been of major importance to sailors, a symbol of hope and light after a long and often dangerous journey over the oceans. And however geo-location systems have taken over this function, the enigmatic image of this landmark is still as powerful as before.


4. Lighthouses are very romantic

We can’t think of a better place to show your beloved one that you are their rock in the ocean. Lighthouses are just super romantic!


5. Lighthouses are a great piece of heritage

After new land was found, the first thing that was constructed was often a lighthouse in order to guide fellow sailors. After hundreds of years, you are still able to stay on such an amazing historical landmark.


6. Lighthouses are inspiring

There is no better place to leave your day to day routine behind, get off the beaten path, and really unwind. If you want to get away for a while, and maybe gain brighter perspectives? Renting a lighthouse is the way to go.


7. Lighthouses give you ultimate privacy

There’s a good chance your first neighbors are living kilometers away, so privacy is guaranteed. Even with neighbors, you still have the most private location possible; we’ve never seen two lighthouses right next to each other…


8. Home for the brave: lighthouses are really tough

We can’t think of a more potent and iconic symbol for humanity’s struggle against the elements. A lighthouse stands for hope, help, and prosperity after a long and dangerous journey.


9. Lighthouses give you a unique experience

Well, we can go on for quite a while, but I guess we’ve made our point: staying at a lighthouse gives you a unique and unforgettable experience. So go ahead and book a lighthouse for your next holiday!


Do you have more good reasons on why it is a great idea to book a lighthouse? Let us know in the comments below!