Save the Roter Sand

"Possibly the loneliest hotel in the world"


Some lighthouses are just straightout iconic. One of these stunning buildings is the 'Roter Sand' lighthouse, a massive red and white tower that is located in pretty much the middle of the North-sea. It has been there for over a century and now you can help saving it for the future - simply by sleeping in this amazing lighthouse. 


The Roter Sand is located approximately 40 kilometers off the coast of Bremerhaven. The in 1885 completed lighthouse is nowadays not being used as lighthouse, but is still widely regarded as a German landmark, and also a visible sign for ships passing by. The tower, with a total height of 52,5 meters, was doing its job perfectly for years when in the 20s, the lighthouse lost a part of its relevance due to shifting sand banks in the region. After its inability to adapt to modern radar techniques, and the construction of another, modern lighthouse nearby, the lighthouse is now only used as a small visual beacon.


Lighthouse Roter Sand


Demolish or restore

Between the year 1964 and 1987, there was a huge discussion about what must be done with the lighthouse. Some wanted to demolish it completely, while others pleaded for the restoration on land. After discussing back and forth, the decision was made that the lighthouse was of too much cultural importance to be demolished. The regional political bodies formed funds to restore and protect this German cultural maritime landmark.


Restauration Lighthouse Rotersand


Retired after 101 years and 11 days

However, the complete restoration of the Roter Sand would cost an astounding 4 million euro’s: a sum of money nobody was likely to pay. It was the engineer Rolf Seedorf who came up with an alternative, cheaper way to save the lighthouse by building a steel shield around the base of the lighthouse. Just before the renovation started, in the spring of 1987, the light in the lighthouse was finally extinguished. The Roter Sand lighthouse had been in business for 101 years and 11 days.


The loneliest hotel in the world


The loneliest hotel in the world

Nowadays, the lighthouse is being kept in shape by German monuments care, the regional political bodies, and the civil society organization “Save the Roter Sand Lighthouse eV”. Since 1990, tourists have the option to visit the lighthouse, or even book an overnight stay - and thus help saving this masterpiece. The lighthouse can sleep up to six people, and can only be reached by boat when the sea is calm and safe enough. Diverse media has called the Roter Sand ‘the loneliest hotel in the world’, but we would like to call it one of the most interesting places to rest your head!


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