The Roter Sand Lighthouse

Welcome to one of Europe's most famous lighthouses, 45 km from the coast of Bremerhaven: Roter Sand

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Lighthouse summary

The lighthouse of Roter Sand is the most famous maritime landmark of the northern German shore. People from all over Germany, and even outside of Germany, have discovered the lighthouse and discovered its value and authenticity. 

The lighthouse was originally built on the bottom of the sea in 1885, almost 30 nautical miles out of Bremerhaven. In 1964, due to the rise of digital navigation technologies, the lighthouse was officially dismantled. Also, the lighthouse appeared to be in very bad shape. According to many, not worth it to save. However, due to the protests of many protagonists, the lighthouse was eventually saved by local government funding, and the civil society organization "Save the Lighthouse Roter Sand eV", in a spectacular event where restored the entire lighthouse. 

Nowadays, the Roter Sand lighthouse stands proud on his spot, and is a popular site for day travellers, and people who are looking for the most isolated, unique hotel in the world! 

Lighthouse description

Bookings can be made to sleep in this unique lighthouse, but there are some things you must consider. Your booking can be cancelled/postponed at the last minute because the trip is very dependent on the weather. From Bremerhaven, the "Goliath" takes you to the Roter Sand lighthouse, but it can only be reached when the sea is quiet! The other way around, if the sea is rough on the day of departure, you might want to add some extra days to your holiday! Of course, this dependency on the elements add something special to your holiday!

Another important note, is that the accommodation is not suitable for children under the age of 12. Also, alcoholic beverages are not allowed, since you have to climb steep stairs in order to go to the bathroom. The Roter Sand is an incredible experience, but it should be treated with respect and caution. This is not your typical vacation! It is way, way more special! 

The capacity has a maximum of three residents. The kitchen will be fully stocked upon arrival. Don't expect luxuries such as TV and Wifi (or heating, for that matter): it will totally be back to basics. You are expected to bring  your own towels and sleeping bags. 

We sincerely hope to welcome you soon on this amazing German landmark. 

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Lighthouse highlights

  • Back to basics

  • Historic maritime landmark

  • Incredible panoramic sea views

  • The most isolated hotel

  • Approx. 45 km from the coast

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