First global lighthouse rental platform

"We see a great future for lighthouse rentals"


After the success of, we as Amsterdam based start-up Booka Rentals have launched our second rental platform: Our goal is to connect lighthouse owners and managers around the world with travellers who are looking for a unique experience.


“Lighthouses have been a symbol for discovery and at the same time a safe haven for centuries . We see it as a bright and shining follow-up of our first niche rental website”, says co-founder Juul Steyn.


The idea behind Booka Rentals is that not only destination, but also accommodation is a very significant part of your holiday. For us as Dutch entrepreneurs, it is clear that the idea of unique vacation rentals deserves attention. Consequently, houseboats and lighthouses were properties that made a logical first step.


With over 125 floating homes and houseboats, is by now the worlds leading platform when it comes to floating vacation rentals. This platform was launched in 2014 and is growing steadily ever since.


Lighthouse rental

Above: Lighthouses offer a truly unique experience for travellers who look for an unforgettable accommodation.


Second life for lighthouses

It’s interesting to know that lighthouses have often been one of the first buildings to be erected once new land was found ever since men sailed the oceans. They lead the way to a safe haven, and warned ships for dangerous shallow grounds near the coast. With the invention of GPS and related safety systems, lighthouses have become more or less obsolete in terms of their original purpose. At the same time, the rise of the peer-to-peer economy, which has the ability to connects owners and travellers, can offer interesting opportunities for lighthouse keepers: why not turn your lighthouse into a unique holiday rental? “ wants to support giving these amazing beacons of light a second life”, says Steyn. “It’s great to help the owners generating extra income and at the same time help keeping this wonderful heritage alive without government funding.”

We offer lighthouses all over the world, such as in the Netherlands, this one in Germany, these in Norway, Sweden, South Africa, United States and even New Zealand.


Truly unique experience

At this time there are at least hundreds of lighthouses that are available for travellers to rent, but the potential growth could possibly be tenfold. After all, lighthouses can be found all around the world, along almost every coastline (this makes most locations often quite extraordinary, with panoramic views and remote settings). However, during their research, the team of found out that many lighthouse keepers are hardly aware of the great potential their tower of light has.


Sleep in a lighthouse

Above: Now that lighthouses are becoming obsolete for navigation, sees a bright future for them as tourist accomodations.


Steyn: “We have listened to the lighthouse keepers and their main concern was to keep their property in good shape. Not an easy job now that government funding is getting less and less. The idea of renting it out has often not entered their mind, possibly because of the simple fact that it’s a lighthouse in the first place, not a bed and breakfast. Our goal is to change this mindset and let both owners and travellers benefit from the truly unique experience of sleeping in a lighthouse.”


The lighthouses that are listed on vary from hostel to hotel and from self catering to bed and breakfast. What all of them have in common is that they offer an amazing view over the water, inspiring anyone who has the privilege to stay here.