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Lighthouse rental Namibia - 1 lighthouse

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Lighthouse at Historical Island
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Lighthouse at Historical Island

Namibia, Lüderitz, Shark Peninsula 4 Sleeps 4 Sleeps (New lighthouse, no reviews yet)

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There are many lighthouses in Namibia. Lighthouse keeping has a long and proud tradition in the country, dating back to German colonial times. Many of Namibia's lighthouses are located on remote islands and headlands, providing an important service to mariners. These days, most lighthouses are automated, but there are still a few that require lighthouse keepers to live on site.


Living in a lighthouse can be a lonely experience, but it is also an adventure. Lighthouse keepers must be self-sufficient and able to cope with long periods of isolation. They need to be good at problem solving, as they may sometimes have to deal with technical issues with the equipment or the building itself. But above all, they must be dedicated to their job and committed to keeping the light shining for all those who rely on it. Namibia's lighthouses are an important part of the country's maritime heritage. They stand as testament to the hard work and dedication of those who built and maintain them. And they continue to play a vital role in keeping Namibia's coast safe for all who travel upon it.