Lighthouse The Staviken Light

Come and spend the night in the original Stavik lighthouse in the relaxing surroundings of Värmland

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Lighthouse summary

Welcome to the Stavik lighthouse is Värmland, Sweden! The lighthouse and the surrounding cottages are all more or less in their original state of 1860. All the properties are carefully renovated! The lighthouse was built in 1860, and had been used until 2004. The lighthouse still operates, but is not used directly for navigational uses. Stavik is one out of four wooden towers around lake Vänern.

The lighthouse is 13,5 meters, made completely out of wood. The shape is hexagonal, and the lighthouse has four floors with the lantern at the top. As mentioned, the lighthouse is in operation and lights every night! This, however, will definitely not disturb you! 

Lighthouse description

The lighthouse is for sleeping purposes only. 'Living' can be done in the Pier House, just nearby. There you will find a comfortable living room, bathroom, toilets, and even a spacious sauna!

In the lighthouse, on the ground floor you will find a room with three beds; two for two persons, and one for one guest! On the second floor, there is a place for relaxing and quiet. We can discuss places extra mattresses here! On the third floor, you will find one (narrow) bed as well. Closer than the pier house, there is also a small building just outside with a toilet and wash basin. In the Pierhouse, in addition to the kitchen also, a toilet, a double shower room, wood burning sauna for approx up to 12 persons, and a common area/room with a table for up to 10-12 persons and also 2 beds in angle that can work as a sofa and/or beds. 

In the lighthouse, the notion must be made that the beds are not 'normal' beds. Most of them are quite small (gives you a unique camping experience) and basic. This, however, is part of the charm as well! The lighthouse and pierhouse are rented as a package, since you'll find many of the facilities there! 

Close to the properties, there is a large wooden terrace and BBQ place where you can relax with panoramic views over the lake. This is a perfect place to sit and have dinner or breakfast. Also, when the weather is nice, the fresh water lake is perfect for swimming! Fishing is also possible, from the shore, or by taking one of our boats out (rowing boat, motor boat, and a aluminium canoe!).

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Lighthouse highlights

  • Sleeps up to six people!

  • Multiple activities nearby

  • Excellent fishing spots

  • Incredible views

  • Incredible authentic lighthouse

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