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There is something mysterious about lighthouses. Maybe it is because of their often remote locations, or the fact that they served as a beacon for ships nearby, guiding them into the harbor or along the shore. One way or the other, staying in or around a lighthouse is an experience that everyone should have at least once!


Bookalighthouse.comis a new and innovative company that is specialized in lighthouse rentals all over the world. We bring you the most unique, authentic, exciting, luxurious, and comfortable lighthouses, located on the most incredible locations. 


After creating our first platform, Bookahouseboat.com, and consequently developed the first extensive worldwide houseboat community, we decided to give well-deserved attention to another exceptional holiday accommodation: lighthouses. Lighthouses can be found all over the world, but share common characteristics. Mostly, they are located at beautiful, panoramic locations at sea - offering the traveler the peace and tranquility they deserve. Whether you sleep in the lighthouse itself, or the keeper's quarters, the surroundings when near a lighthouse is something you've never seen before!


Our office is situated in the center of Amsterdam next to one of its famous canals. From here, we are working on creating a platform that is as incredible, as it is smooth and clear. We sincerely hope you will find the accommodation you are looking for, and that your stay will be an exceptional one.


Our Team


The Bookalighthouse.com / Bookahouseboat.com team consists of the two founders, admin/service employees and program specialists. We are an enthusiastic and pro-active team that is customer- and solution focused. From our HQ in the center of Amsterdam, we are working daily on selecting the most exceptional accommodations out there, for you to rent. 


We hope that you, our customers, will experience as much fun on this site and on our listed lightouses as we do! If you have any questions or suggestions, by all means, let us know. 


Warm regards,


Team Bookalighthouse.com