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Faro Cumplida - Farero Suite
Rental from $732 Per night
Wolf Rock
Rental from $625 Per night

Wolf Rock

England, Helston 6 Sleeps, (2)

Marstein Lighthouse
Rental from $3158 Per night

Marstein Lighthouse

Norway, Austevoll 24 Sleeps, (New lighthouse)

Rental from $236 Per night


England, Helston 6 Sleeps, (2)

Wings Neck Lighthouse
Rental from $550 Per night
Faro Cumplida - Atlantic Suite
Rental from $484 Per night
Stoer Lighthouse
Rental from $267 Per night
Faro Cumplida - Whole lighthouse
Rental from $1763 Per night

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Warden Cottage

A great lighthouse cottage for me and my girl with high standards. The cottage was prepared well by the manager. The location is wonderful, great for hiking. The little village of Mortehoe is very close, very useful for facilities. We had a great time here. Highly recommended lighthouse rental!

P, England

Beacon Cottage

Recently redecorated and new furniture. Clean and tidy.

Thomas, Scotland

Brook Cottage

Wonderfully clean and welcoming.  

Andy, England

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The legend of the Alexandria Lighthouse

The legend of the Alexandria Lighthouse

The legend of the Alexandria Lighthouse   Usually we focus on actually existing lighthouses, but in this case we like to make an exception and discuss a lighthouse that has been lost many centuries ago: the Alexandrian Lighthouse. This forlorn beacon remains on the list of the most intriguing structures of the Ancient World and will appeal to all you lighthouse fans out there.   A Traveler's Delight well into the medieval period, people from all around the globe made the pilgrimage to Alexandria to sight see this amazing feat of architecture. Erected in the 3rd century, it was well ahead of its own time.   We would have loved to show a picture of the real lighthouse of Alexandria, but since that one has collapsed a long time ago we have to settle with this great lighthouse of Buchan Ness in Scotland.    One of the 7 wonders Just like most lighthouses, the vulnerability of its location subjected it to many natural disasters over the centuries, and it eventually met its demise and comple

HolidayHack: make choosing accommodation together easy

HolidayHack: make choosing accommodation together easy

Introducing HolidayHack: Your Ultimate Way to Choose your Holiday Accommodation! When it comes to planning group holidays, we all know the drill. Endless chats and emails, sharing links to various accommodations, and trying to consolidate everyone's preferences can be a daunting task. But what if I told you that there's a new web app on the block that promises to make this process not only streamlined but also fun? Enter HolidayHack! What is HolidayHack? HolidayHack is an innovative web application designed to make the process of choosing holiday accommodation for groups a breeze. Gone are the days of lost emails and confusing chat threads. With HolidayHack, all your options are neatly organized in one place, making decision-making efficient and democratic. Try HolidayHack.com How Does It Work? The process is as simple as 1, 2, 3! Create Your List: Start by creating a list. This will be the place where all the magic happens. Add Listings: Once your list is created, you can begin

National Lighthouse Day August 7th

National Lighthouse Day August 7th

An American National Day not to be missed! Historical recap: annually celebrated on August 7 in the United States, National Lighthouse Day celebrates the importance of lighthouses in maritime navigation. The US Congress designated National Lighthouse Day on August 7, and it was first celebrated in 1989 marking the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Lighthouse Act.  Back in 1789, the First Congress of the newly-formed USA signed what started the establishment of a “Federal System of Lighthouses, Beacons, Buoys and Public Piers”. Indeed, the USA had to provide safe and navigable waterways in order to expand their maritime trade. After the Lighthouses Act was signed by George Washington, the Government created a network of State-owned aids to navigation.   One goal: getting recognition for the lighthouse legacy In 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed the Bill that made August 7 National Lighthouse Day. One of the instigators of this project, Congressman William J. Hughes, gave a